Chicago, IL July 3, 2014
Centro San Bonifacio is pleased to announce that we have purchase a building for our organization at 2959 N. Pulaski! More information to come!

Chicago, IL April 16, 2014
Centro San Bonifacio is pleased to announce that the staff and members have reached a settlement with the previous board of directors in the case contesting community ownership of the organization through representation on the board and participatory decision-making.

The principal plaintiffs in the case have assumed responsibility for the organization and have been seated as the new board of directors. The new board is currently expanding and seating additional members.

The new board is also in the process of purchasing a building to house the organization's operations, and is currently planning for the re-establishment of the agency's programming.

Centro San Bonifacio was founded in 1991 by Latino immigrant members of the Christian Base Communities that survived the closure of the St. Boniface Church. The communities created the organization as a immigrant-run and community-directed effort, with a strong commitment to involving the clients and participants in governance and implementation. This commitment was institutionalized in a new set of bylaws established in 1999. The staff and members sought relief from the court to reestablish community governance over the organization.